Meet our Team


Catherine Buford Pellegrin
Managing Partner

3,000 is the approximate number of events Catherine has catered throughout her career. The food business is the only industry she's ever worked in! She's opened restaurants in California, Hawaii and Oregon and has lived in Portland for the last 20 years. Her love of food & hospitality has deep Southern roots in Louisiana and Texas. She started ChefStable Catering because she wanted to see a catering company as dynamic as the Portland restaurant scene.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Bresaola with blue cheese & candied orange--the perfect little bite.

Hometown: I'm a proud Texan!

Karaoke Song: Regulator, Warren G

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've catered: Setting up a dinner for 200 on a tennis court while 8 months pregnant in the middle of summer.

Dream Vacation: 3 months in Latin America.


Erin Wulff
General Manager

Erin started catering in 1998 while studying journalism and environmental science. She traded in her life's dream of making social justice related documentaries and subsequently saving the planet, to working for large and boutique catering companies along the west coast. She worked in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco before returning to Oregon.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Anything & everything that our kitchen has pickled, candied, smoked, caramelized, confited (yes, this is the correct past tense of confit), preserved, cured, fried, grilled, roasted, or braised.

Hometown: Just another Southern Californian with a fear of dehydration

Karaoke Song: Kar·a·o·ke is Japanese for worst idea ever

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: My most memorable and most difficult AND craziest event that I’ve ever produced involved a James Beard Award-winning chef and many tears. I will not elaborate.

Dream Vacation: Andaman Nicobar Islands because they are beautiful and will be gone in 20 years


Alexandra Weitzman
Pastry Chef

Alexandra, Pastry Chef for Chefstable Catering and all around powerhouse. Catering got Alex out of a cake decorating job at Fred Meyer 13 years ago and she’s never looked back.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Coffee! JK, I love Doug’s shrimp ceviche and grilled flat iron with smoky tomato butter.

Hometown: Pacific Grove, California

Karaoke Song: “Good Feeling” by FloRida

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: 5000 ALL WHITE DESSERTS

Dream Vacation: Also, Pacific Grove, California


Heather Roth
Office Manager

Heather has always been passionate about cooking and bringing people together through food. After many years in Washington, D.C. working on Capitol Hill and for Share Our Strength she was inspired to take a leap and pursue a career in hospitality; she has been a Pastry Chef for the past 18 years.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Grilled hanger steak, summer sweet peppers, roasted squash, blistered cherry tomatoes and chimichurri

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Karaoke Song: “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” David Allen Coe

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered:My own wedding!!!

Dream Vacation: Vietnam or Thailand


Amy BlettelOperations Director

Amy’s been "taking charge" since kindergarten where the teacher told her mom that she didn't want to say Amy was bossy but that she had "leadership potential." Her experience and background is in management and operations for over 20 years.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Fresh pasta of any variety with butter and cheese.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Karaoke Song: Watching other people sing :)

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: Last year, we threw a party for 500 people in a downtown block in Seattle. We had 4 themed bars, DJ, dance floor, outdoor games, as well as local non-profits partner booths to support their organizations and get the word out.

Dream Vacation Puerto Escondido MX. Every year in the spring.


Ashley AdamsEvent Manager


Ken Morris
Warehouse & Equipment Manager

With over 20+ years in the food industry there really is no challenge too big. Whatever the event and no matter how crazy it is he’s seen and done it all.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Mediterranean dishes.

Hometown: Hayfork, CA

Karaoke Song: “Baby Got Back” Sir Mix A Lot

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered:They’ve all been blocked out.

Dream Vacation: Australia

Doug Miriello.jpg

Doug Miriello
Executive Chef

Doug's been working in the kitchen since he was 12 years old. His mother is a CIA trained chef and had a restaurant in Fairfield, Connecticut for 15 years. Working in kitchens and becoming a chef was just second nature to Doug. When he moved to LA, his first job out there was in catering. He worked in some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, and coming up as a broke Line cook, if his chef had a catering event he would jump at the first opportunity. He continued to grow in the kitchen and more events would come his way. They became a really fun outlet to go somewhere new and cook something fun and different and off menu.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Housemade Charcuterie Board. Anything Cured meats -- I'm in!

Karaoke Song: I'm on Fire, Bruce Springsteen

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: There's an event space in Los Angeles called madeworn that's a real trip. It's an awesome but creepy space filled with taxidermy in every room, like giraffes and lions etc. We did this carnivorous/ offal event at the space with a king charcuterie board using multiple different animals, as well as serving things like grilled chicken hearts, boudin noir, and a whole pig roast. It was an all out feast and a blast to pull off!

Dream Vacation: Sicily & Sardegna with my wife


Dana Alley
Brand Design + Marketing

After over 10 years working at creative agencies for some of the world's largest brands, Dana took a short term freelance gig helping Catherine with a project. The project grew to a full on rebrand and she hasn't left since. Dana continues to work closely with Catherine to ensure the ChefStable Catering brand, design and aesthetic stays consistent but also constantly evolves as the event industry grows and changes.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Doug's banana cream pie is the most dreamy thing I've ever tasted in my entire life.

Hometown: New York, NY

Karaoke Song: I'm totally tone deaf...but when given a mic, am happy to belt out any Cindy Lauper tune.

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered:I leave the catering to Catherine and the team... I just help make sure things look pretty : )

Dream Vacation: Tie between Argentina + Chile OR New Zealand

Kelly Shaw.jpeg

Kelly Shaw
Corporate Account Manager

Kelly's been cooking professionally and working in hospitality for 8 years. Portland's food scene is the main reason she moved here!

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Roasted Radishes & Turnips with green tahini & sesame seed

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Karaoke Song: Standing in the Way of Control, The Gossip

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival serving 5,000+ guests

Dream Vacation A week in Charleston feasting on shrimp, grits and low country classics.

Celeste Tracy.jpg

Celeste Tracy
Sales Coordinator

Celeste was basically raised in the kitchen, as her mom opened a restaurant and catering business when she was a kid. Food as a way of creating community has been a huge part of her life and her upbringing, and she is extremely excited to find a new home at ChefStable. Celeste has worked in every area of the food industry as well as in non-profit management and event planning. Celeste fell in love with the food and arts scene in Portland when she moved here in 2008 for college, and considers herself a happy hour connoisseur.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Doug's Slow Baked Salmon, and the Peach and Heirloom Tomato Salad

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Karaoke Song: One Way Ticket, LaAnne Rimes

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: In middle school I worked with my mom at the weekend Farmer's Markets in Tucson, where I had to get up at 4am...I still complain to her about that.

Dream Vacation Europe. All of it, with an unlimited budget for local meals, tons of wine, and cute vintage hotel rooms. And shoes.


Lucas Morales Kitchen Manager

Lucas moved here almost 10 years ago so he could cook interesting food in a wonderful city. Growing up in California's Central Valley, he was surrounded by some of the best produce, products and ingredients in the world. Making people happy by cooking those ingredients seemed a natural transition.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/ Jalapeno Yogurt, Cilantro & Pepitas

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Karaoke Song: “Hispanic Impressions” Queens of the Stone Age (an instrumental)

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: Christmas and New Years parties for 1200+ people. The amount of moving pieces required to pull that off is just staggering

Dream Vacation Riding my motorcycle through the Alps


Kate McMcMullanEvent Planner


Kris Kremers
Catering Sales Manager

Kris is a logistics expert with a creative flair. She's been planning corporate events and weddings in Portland and San Francisco for the past 17 years. She's a food nerd, too; ask about her collection of over 300 cookbooks from all over the world.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: I love to see unique themed stations. They add excitement.

Hometown Born in Germany, raised in Illinois. Have lived on the west Coast for 20 years. Tucson, my second home

Karaoke Song: Wannabe, Spice Girls

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've catered: Luxury VIP 4 course dinner for 30 in a polo pony stable. Ponies included.


Tara Schwecke
Senior Event Planner

Tara has been working in the food business since she was 15 years old. Planning events has always come naturally. Her first tea party at age 6 included a red carpet and VIP lounge. Tara’s cooking and baking passion began as soon as she could stand on a step stool to assist her parents at the mixing bowl.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: I love tapas and menus with variety! I'm currently loving our Bresaola and Blue and Salmon Pastrami from our hors d'oeuvre menu

Hometown: Big Bear Lake, CA

Karaoke Song: I Won't Back Down, Tom Petty

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: "Friendsgiving" wedding: The couple was married one week before Thanksgiving in celebration of the anniversary when they first met, at a "friendsgiving" celebration.The wedding included personal favorites and classic Thanksgiving showstoppers from Charlie Brown themed hors d'oeuvres... to a bountiful and traditional family style feast.

Dream Vacation: My boyfriend and I hope to travel to Southeast Asia next year. We are most excited for the dumplings and ramen!


Matt Pellegrin
Husband of the owner

Matt started catering in his twenties, picking up a few shifts as a second job to make extra money. Eighteen years later, he can't imagine doing anything else. He and Catherine also own the Daily Cafe at the Tram and he enjoys splitting his time between the cafe, the catering company and his two kids.

Favorite Chefstable Dish:Flat Iron steak with smoked tomato butter

Hometown:Originally from White Plains, New York, I've been in Portland for 20 years.

Karaoke Song:Back in Black, AC/DC

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered:I've managed countless plated dinners, weddings, and high profile corporate functions and they can be challenging and stressful. The most difficult situation I've ever encountered was at a smaller event while working for a different catering company. As we were about to serve the mint ice cream for dessert, we realized that we brought frozen herb butter (bright green!)by mistake. Thankfully I caught it before we served it.

Dream Vacation:Spain and Italy are at the top of my list.


Kurt Huffman

Kurt founded ChefStable in 2008, with the mission to open culinary concepts geared toward the vision of individual chefs. ChefStable has since opened over 30 restaurant concepts, mostly located in Portland.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Karaoke Song: I haven't sung since 1993...

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: I leave the catering up to Catherine!


Jess SchantzEvent Manager

Jess started out in the hospitality industry as co-owner of a restaurant that also had an amazing rooftop venue. After planning events on the rooftop for a few years she decided to take it on the road. Now she’s lucky enough to be in Portland, and working with all of the best venues in the city.

Favorite Chefstable Dish: Fresh tuna poached in olive oil

Hometown: Prescott, AZ

Karaoke Song: “These Boots are Made for Walking” Nancy Sinatra

Craziest/most memorable or most difficult event you've ever catered: After a surgery, I had my lower leg in a boot but still insisted on wheeling around on my knee scooter managing a wedding I had been planning for months. I looked ridiculous but I didn’t care as the wedding was beautiful!

Dream Vacation Headed to Belize in a few months!

Jeanne Barrett.jpg

Jeanne BarrettController